Episode Choose Your Story – Be Popular very soon through your story

Episode Choose Your Story – Be Popular very soon through your story

Are you finding a way to impress people? Episode-choose your story provide you a great chance to do this. You can create your own story and its characters. There is a great fun to see that how you can spend the life which you always wanted. You can make this possible by playing this wonderful game. Everything about this game is full of fun and entertainment get on itunes. There is hardly any other platform available where you can have such great options in one place. This is the main reason why this game is becoming popular among the majority of the people.

The best part is that you can also learn about the social life by taking part in the present collection of the stories. There are more than 70000 stories available and you can choose according to your interest and start playing. Developers of this particular game have also paid great attention towards the different gaming features. There are countless activities to perform in this game. You can be in love and start the romance in your own way. This is quite possible that people start liking the way you handle the relations and carry you.

Now you must be wondering about the most typical part. There is no doubt that you can start playing this game without spending something. But in order to gain success, you need to have several types of items. In order to purchase items, you may need to spend the real money. In the virtual world of this game, you must have ample of gaming currency to be popular. There are two different forms of the gaming money viz. gems and passes. Both are needed to gain the success and make your character exceptionally attractive.

Gaining success through money

There are various ways of acquiring the gaming currency. The easiest one is spending the real world money to buy in-app purchase. The second this is taking help of some additional applications by which you will be able to gain more success with Episode Cheats. Different types of useful hints are provided in these applications which will be revealing new methods. By following these methods you can earn a significant amount of gaming currency. The characters must be supported by an interesting and powerful story. There are no limitations and you can explore the story which is easy to modify.

Choose your story wisely

Your success in this game is highly influenced by the type of story you choose. There are some famous stories available and you must give them preference. For example, you can choose from the secret of rain, dripping mascara, love bad and many more. There are some great activities that you can do like falling in love with someone. You can also create the most romantic characters and design everything about it. You can be a trendsetter in this particular game.  There is hardly any other game available which offer such things to do in one go.

Be romantic

There is no doubt that people have a special attraction towards romance. Knowing about some of the most popular romantic stories can be a beneficial thing for you. There is a wide range of different romantic stories to choose from. It is better to choose a story which is not so much longer. The additional length of the story can be distracting sometimes. You must choose the story which must be attractive and covering the different aspects.

Share your information

The most interesting part is that you can take active participation in every aspect of the story. In case you want to make any change in the dialogs, costumes, appearance, and characters, you can do it. It is quite possible that people start liking it. In order to know about the response of the friends, you can also start sharing the images and video on the social media websites as well. On the large scale, you can share the information related to your story and be popular very soon. It is quite possible that people may start following you and you will become the trendsetter.

Earn gaming currency

Gaming currency is also an interesting part of the gameplay. You can enhance your gaming resources and have many items. You can buy these items and decorate your character to make it very lovely. Gems and passes can be gain through various activities.